The best meal you will ever have starts with the best ingredients.

Fresh. Aromatic. Picked moments before it was cooked. The taste will stay in your mind as you remember the goodness of your homegrown meal.

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Delicious Fresh Basil

However, thanks to Manitoba’s climate limitations almost 96% of veggies we consume come from another country. Due to transport and maintenance processes, these vegetables often don’t taste or smell like you’d expect – and when you consider the food waste involved, this current system is unsustainable for our future food production.

Our goal at nuGROW is to continue to improve our food source by joining the growing movement of homegrown food production through our innovative processes and designs.

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Amazing Aroma and Taste. Freshly picked a day before you receive it! This manitoba grown basil will last 7-10 days in your fridge. Best used in sauce, pizza, or to spice up your dish! Get your locally-grown basil from nuGROW on goodlocal.

For every packet of basil sold, we will donate $1 to the ‘made with love’ project by Chef Ben Kramer and his team.

Our sister company, Nullam, focuses on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of home indoor gardening appliances to help grow fresh nutritious vegetables all year round. Due to challenges imposed on us through the pandemic, we decided to transform our technology to address the same core values in your kitchen!